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Component Description Display types Display types to add Filters/facets Actions Other changes
Affiliations Organizations related to the topic Gallery, List Network diagram Most used properties (type, location, year).
Awards Awards the topic has received Gallery, List
Banner Wiki Loves Monuments banner Banner Play

Add header image to Wikidata

Add more Wikimedia campaigns
Depicts Items the topic depicts Gallery, List
Depicted Items that depict the topic Gallery, List Source links with images
Effects Consequences of the topic Gallery, List
Heritage Items in the topics heritage designation Gallery, List
Instances Instances of the topic (class) Gallery, List
Kartta Location of the item, main map of the page. Map (Wikidata point, OSM shape) Edit location (Link to Wikidata/OSM)

Change background

Merge with Location (and Locations).
Location Enclosing item, neighbors and subdivisions of the topic Gallery, List Map Topic / Neighboring topics / Enclosing topics / Subdivisions Join with Kartta
Locations Items within the topic Gallery, List, Map Most used properties (type, size, year). Aggregate points, display images, add links. Visualize based on properties (type, size, year)
Parts Parts of the topic Gallery, List Overlaps with subdivisions - fix!
People People related to the topic Gallery, List, Family tree Network diagram. Most used properties (gender, nationality, profession, places).
Similar Similar items based on key properties Gallery, List Source links with images (every item on the list)
Subclasses Subclasses of the topic Gallery, List Hierarchy tree. Combination with top classes.
Things Topics on Wikimedia focus list Gallery, List
TopicImages Related images from repositories Images, ImageViewer
TopicPageHeader Header part displaying media about the topic Header Portrait series, video, playlist Video,
Twins Twin cities Gallery, List Map
Wikipedia Wikipedia article Article
Wikidata Wikidata facts Infobox
Works Works by the topic Gallery, List
Network diagram Network diagram of everything
Event timeline Timeline, Gallery, Map, Family timeline
Item(s) that the topic is part of. Can also display siblings Gallery, List Combination: Larger parent item with smaller siblings